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Maintaining the Beauty of Patios & Hardscapes

Patios and Hardscapes continue to grow in popularity in the Chesterfield and Greater Richmond area. From stamped concrete to pavers of all shapes, sizes and textures, all are incredibly durable, however, all must be maintained to keep them looking new and vibrant.
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Finding a reputable and certified hardscape specialist in the Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico area can be a challenge. Most installers, we’ve found do not offer maintenance services and often fail to explain the necessity of proper care and maintenance. Just as wood can be damaged by the elements so can concrete and paver hardscapes. All should be cleaned regularly to prevent stains from setting. Sealing prevents water penetration which can cause cracks due to the freeze and thaw cycle. In addition, sealers prevent oil penetration, organic stains, salt damage, acid rain damage and can inhibit moss and mold growth.

Renew Crew can help you with all your patio and hardscape needs including patio cleaning and patio sealing. Renew Crew offers a variety of proprietary cleaning products that are specially formulated to deep clean concrete and pavers. In addition, Renew Crew offers numerous sealers and finishes to achieve the look you desire for your hardscape. We will gladly walk you through the process and all the options available to you.

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Moseley, VA Patio Pavers Sealed with Glossy Paver Sealant

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