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New Products and Services by Renew Crew for Chesterfield, VA

It’s a new year and we are extremely excited to announce new products and new services. Renew Crew is continually working to improve both our products and services in response to customer feedback. Time and time again, we have heard from our customers in Chesterfield, Midlothian, Powhatan and Richmond that they would like to see additional color choices and an easy maintenance program. We can now announce we’ve expanded the color choices of wood stains, concrete tints, stains and coatings and have an industry changing maintenance program. We are ready to go having attended training sessions and seminars to ensure we have the knowledge and the right tools to properly provide additional services. So For now, I’ll introduce you to our new stain colors, stain products & Everclean.

The expanded colors include transparent and semi-transparent color options. In the past, we only offered transparent Natural, Cedar & Brown. These colors are still available and sure to still be just as popular for new projects as well as for Re-Seals or repeat service appointments. New in the transparent line is Hickory – a slightly darker shade than our cedar with an undertone of brown. Never before offered by Renew Crew is the semi-transparent color options. Semi-transparent stains are often needed when covering existing stains, damaged wood or a combination of old and new wood. In the past, we would seek out a competing product line to address these issues, but, no more. We can offer our own Renew Crew line with the same quality guarantee as our transparent stains. Additionally, semi-transparent stains contain more pigment and will last even longer between treatments. We think you will love the new stain color options as much as we do. The new colors include Chestnut Brown, Terra Cotta, Natural Cedar, Doeskin & Natural Oak. We have sample boards available and we will gladly show them to you on our first meeting and again after the cleaning process has been completed. The sample boards show the stain colors on both new wood and on aged wood.

Now to the much teased, industry changing Everclean maintenance program. First time clients will now enjoy 2 visits per year. The initial Transformation and then a Refresh later in the year. Welcome to Everclean – our exclusive ongoing maintenance program. With Everclean your surfaces are continually clean extending the life of our sealers & minimizing the impact of seasonal weathering.

Two visits a year ensures:

  • Removal of dirt, debris & leaves

  • Easier to keep clean between visits

  • Prolongs the life of the protectant

  • Maintains beauty longer

  • Retains color longer

For more information on the Everclean program Please call us at (804) 561-6777 We always provide FREE estimates.