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The $199 Any Size House Power Washer

We’ve all seen the trucks and the crude handwritten yard signs. It sounds like a deal right? Some do a great job, we would never discount another legitimate company or business owner, but, there are some out there, that you should stay as far away from them as possible. You might ask yourself what could go wrong? We are here to tell you PLENTY! Here are a few horror stories that we have been told:

One homeowner called us looking to have their vinyl siding cleaned and when we got to talking they told us about their neighbor that made a terrible mistake in hiring their landscaper to power wash their house. They said their neighbor didn’t want to pay a higher cost so they offered to pay their landscaper a $100 to do the work. In the end, the bargain cost them thousands in damage. The cleaning solution used by their landscaper was bleach and water. The bleach was not diluted or perhaps they used the wrong type of bleach and it left their siding blotchy and streaked and paint was peeled off of wood railings and trim. Even their patio furniture cushions were bleached as they were not moved safely away from the spray. Finally, their beautifully landscaped yard was ruined. The landscaper never returned and the homeowner was left to fix the damage.

Another homeowner told us about their own past experience. They used an individual who again used bleach to clean their siding. The siding looked good – no more green mold and mildew, but, once they stepped into their bedroom, the experience turned sour. Apparently a window was left slightly open and the person did not notice or perhaps cared enough to say anything or avoid that area. The homeowner found their curtains, duvet, carpet and a side chair were wet and the bleach had damaged everything. Needless to say, their first question to us was “Do you use bleach or any cleaning agent that will damage my home?” Of course, we do not!

Others have shown us scarred and splintered wood decks. Again, hiring someone that has not been properly trained to use a pressure washer is asking for trouble. There are techniques and proper settings that must be followed to avoid damaging wood surfaces. That expensive deck can easily be ruined if the wrong person “cleans” it. In addition, stain – well we have seen it everywhere but on the deck. We’ve seen it speckled all over siding, streaks all over the place, and even bricks saturated with oil based stain. Sometimes, you get stain where it doesn’t belong, but, clean it up immediately and then there’s no issue.

If you don’t choose Renew Crew for your outdoor cleaning and sealing projects, Please take our advice, make sure the company or individual you hire carries the proper liability insurance, always ask for and check references and ask lots of questions. Furthermore, go with your gut; if it sounds too good, it just might be.

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