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Autumn Appeal

We’ve been busy here at the Renew Crew Richmond office working on our Autumn curb appeal. This year we took some time out to clean the porch and siding to remove all the dirt that accumulated over the spring and summer. We even added a nice gloss sealer to the stamped concrete walkway. After the hard work was done, I got to do the fun stuff- adding the fall decor. After all was set, I thought it looked so pretty that I thought I would share my home decor ideas with my favorite audience.

In the photo above, we created Pine Cone Garland using wired twine which perfectly blends with pine cones so it is not seen. The pine cones are attached using fine floral wire. If you choose to make these garlands, it’s good idea to wear gloves as the pine cones are sharp. In addition, if you want to gather pine cones and use indoors, it is a good idea to sanitize them. You can do this first soaking in bath of water and vinegar and then baking the pine cones in your oven at 200 degrees for about 30 minutes on a foil lined cookie sheet. Allow the pine cones to continue to dry for 2-3 days and they will open up. Waiting 2-3 days is the most difficult part, at least for me, as I am way too impatient. To hang the garland, we used 2 cup holder hooks that we screwed into the door trim at the top. Create loops on each end of your garland and loop it on the hooks and you are good to go. You can also attach at the bottom if your entry gets a lot of wind.

The next thing we did was hang a wreath that is adorned with goards, silk leaves, assorted berries, and my favorite-peacock feathers.

On the porch floor we added some grapevine pumpkins with twinkle lights and of course fresh pumpkins. We also added some more pumpkins on the steps. We love our pumpkins!

We also added some more pumpkins on our bistro set with a few more pine cones.

Last for Halloween, we had to add a small garden flag. A little nod to our sweet Isabella kitty.